Testimonial – Twilia Hughes

Albert 10/02/23
albert twila ghana award featured image

I met Albert in 2014 when my previous husband was very ill. I needed help and the hospital suggested an agency. The guy brought out Albert. He had recently moved from Ghana. He came over on a student visa to get his RN degree here. He was a very, very good caretaker. He really knew…

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Do You Need A License to Be A Caregiver In California?

Caring Angels 04/26/21
home care in los angeles

For the majority of people, the prospect of having to make provisions for an aging and increasingly infirm loved one is something that is very real and very common. Whether you are thinking about a parent, grandparent, guardian, or other extended family member, the need to make sure that your loved one is being cared…

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Best Elderly Home Care Near Me with Caring Angels

Caring Angels 03/30/21
elderly home care near me

As people get older, they often want to remain in their current home, while still needing specialist assistance to ensure that they stay independent for as long as possible. Choosing in-home carers is an important part of ensuring that your loved ones are looked after when they choose to stay in their own home. If…

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