Can I Bring My Own Caregiver Into Senior Facility Care Home?

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Making the decision to move a loved one into a senior facility care home can be challenging. You want to ensure they receive the best possible care and attention, tailored to their unique needs. But what if you find that the facility staff, despite their best efforts, aren’t able to provide the level of individualized care your family member requires? This is where Caring Angels Home Care steps in, offering a solution that bridges the gap between personal care needs and facility care capabilities.

Understanding Your Options

For Individuals:

  • Private care is often sought after for seniors with specific needs that require more attention than facility care staff can provide round-the-clock. This includes individuals who are:
    • Prone to falls
    • Unable to be left alone safely
    • Attempting to get up and move without assistance
  • In such cases, a Caring Angels Home Care caregiver can stay with your loved one, ensuring they receive personalized attention. This arrangement allows for peace of mind, knowing that your family member is cared for by someone who is focused solely on them, enhancing the care provided by the senior facility.

For Facilities:

Senior facilities themselves can benefit from partnering with Caring Angels to supplement their existing services, especially in:

  • Assisted living
  • Memory care units through such partnerships, a Caring Angels Home Care caregiver can:
    • Shadow facility staff to understand specific routines and care needs
    • Take responsibility for multiple residents, as opposed to one-on-one care, ensuring that all individuals receive the necessary attention

How Caring Angels Augments Facility Care

  • Flexibility: Caring Angels Home Care offers adaptable care options, whether it’s supplementing facility care or providing one-on-one care for individuals with special needs.
  • Expertise: Caregivers are well-trained to handle a variety of needs, ensuring your loved one receives professional and compassionate care.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your family member is in good hands, whether through individualized attention or enhanced facility care, provides invaluable peace of mind.

Making the Right Choice

When considering the care options for your loved one, it’s important to evaluate both their needs and the capabilities of the senior facility care home. Caring Angels offers a unique solution that complements facility care, ensuring that every senior receives the attention and specialized care they deserve. Whether you’re an individual seeking a dedicated caregiver or a facility looking to enhance your care services, Caring Angels Home Care presents a flexible and effective option.

Finding the Best Path Forward

Choosing the right care for your loved one is a significant decision. With Caring Angels, you have the opportunity to enhance the level of care provided by senior facility care homes, ensuring your loved one’s needs are met with compassion and professionalism. If you’re looking for a solution that bridges the gap between individual care needs and facility capabilities, Caring Angels offers a partnership that prioritizes the well-being of seniors.

Contact us to discuss your caregiver needs, whether is a senior living residence or your own home.