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Are you looking to do more for your loved ones as they age?

Does it feel like you spend so much time around them, yet you can’t be there as much as you want?
That’s perfectly understandable.
After all, you have to work, you have your own life and obligations.
One of the best things you can do for someone that you love is to make sure their basic needs are taken care of as they get older.
“Basic needs” can have many meanings. Another way to think of it: the “little things.”
Dust collecting in corners. Stains on the carpet. Having someone to talk to. Sitting with someone while they’re watching a favorite TV show or movie.
While these may sound like “little things,” as you can clearly see, they aren’t. They’re vitally important. They’re the kinds of things that make a real difference in terms of your loved one’s quality of life.
You might have read to this point and thought: “I do plenty of those activities with my loved ones.”
Yes. That said, we know that you can’t be there as much as you want. We know that you can’t do as much of that as you want with your loved one.
That’s where we can come in.

Caregiving: “Being There” for Your Loved Ones

As seniors age, it can be more difficult to see their friends or even family. Driving, mobility and more can all be impacted.

Caring Angels companion care can “be there” for someone you love.

“Being there” has many definitions.

For one, our caregivers are right there with your loved one. They can monitor them, check up on them, making certain that they’re safe, healthy, and so forth.

Beyond that, they can also help with day to day tasks around the house, too. Taking out the trash, cleaning the windows, making sure the doors are locked, that kind of thing.


Companionship: Good for the Body and Mind


When people hear that Caring Angels provide “companionship,” they tend to think of it in a narrow sense. As in, our caregivers provide companionship by simply sitting there with your loved ones. Sure, we often do that, but it includes so much more than that, too.

For example, we do what we can to ensure that they get in some light exercise. Walking, moving around, these are the kinds of things that can do so much to improve one’s health and quality of life.

Beyond simply improving the physical body, we can help with improving their active thinking, too. Fun games, engaging in hobbies, and even just friendly, supportive conversation can go a long towards helping your seniors to get more out of their days.

It’s easy to overlook the many, many benefits of having someone who cares there to talk to them, to get a real insight into who they are. That can help keep your loved ones’ memories strong so that you can make more together.

The above is just some of what our companionship and caregiving can do. To find out more, you can reach us at (310)-880-1931.

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