May is National Stroke Awareness Month

caring angels stroke awareness month

Did you know that every 40 seconds someone in the US has a stroke? May is National Stroke Awareness Month. Strokes can happen to anyone at any age. When you spot a stroke warning sign act fast.

Recognizing the stroke warning signs and calling 911 immediately may make the difference between a strong recovery, long-term disability, or even death. One key acronym to remember is B.E. F.A.S.T.

  • B for balance look for sudden loss of balance or coordination
  • E For Eyes sudden blurred double or loss of vision
  • F for face drooping or numbness of the face
  • A for arms weakness or numbness of arms or legs on one side of the body
  • S for speech unable to speak slurred speech or difficult to understand
  • T for time

If you or someone you know experience any of these symptoms call 911 immediately.

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