Meet Our Caregiver: Ina

Meet our caregiver: Ina

Hello my name is Ina and I’m a caregiver here at Caring Angels Home Care in Palos Verdes.

Working with Caring Angels makes you feel at home. They are very welcoming and treat you like family here.

Most people ask me why I’ve transitioned into working as a caregiver. While working as a caregiver it is a powerful opportunity for everyone. You feel blessed every day since you’re taking care of people. Not everyone can do this job. If you are doing this job it means that you are blessed. It comes out naturally that you are willing and you’re waking up every day wanting to take care of other people. Sometimes you don’t even sleep because there’s also night shifts, but it comes naturally that you want to take care of these people.

Thank you so much for watching this video and I hope you all have a great day!