Meet Our Caregiver: Bryce

meet our caregivers: Bryce

Hi my name is Bryce, and I’m from Ghana. I work with Caring Angels as a caregiver.

What I like about being a caregiver is the love for the job. I feel happy whenever I’m able to help a client, especially fathers and mothers. I’m a Christian, so I believe that we have to show love to our fellow human beings.

Caring Angels is topnotch. The people here are experienced. It’s the best place to grow human relationships. Our bosses talk to us in a way that makes us feel that we are home. Working at Caring Angels is the best. They are so professional and I like it.

I remember I was working with a client and they were very nice to me. He was so excited that I wasn’t just giving him services, but I was also teaching him the Ghana language and telling to him about Africa: what we do do there and the food we eat. I was happy to educate him outside my of normal job for what I was sent there to do. I was able to talk to him and motivate him.

After my  encounter with this client, he said that he is falling in love with Ghana and Africa. He even said when he gets well he would like to visit Ghana. That story keeps me going.

Look no further come to Caring Angels. Me da wo ase. Thank you.