Meet Our Caregivers: Noel

Meet our caregiver: Noel

Hello, I’m Noel from the Philippines. I speak Tagalog and I am a caregiver for Caring Angels Home Care. I service a couple here in Palos Verdes. I like being a caregiver because it’s a very sensitive and emotional task for me. Being a caregiver gives me satisfaction that I’m able to be of help to the people I work with.

Working for Caring Angels is a big plus because we work like a family, they’re very supportive of me. The clients of caring angels are family.

One experience I had with a client was with a man who I treated as a father. When my father was still alive I wasn’t able to care for him because I was here and he was in the Philippines. So this client that Caring Angels had gave me the opportunity to to treat him as my father because I wasn’t able to care for my father. I’m just giving back and thank you..

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