Working with Caring Angels for In-Home Care: How Our Intake Process Works

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Is this your first time working with an in-home caregiver agency, or your first time working with Caring Angels Home Care? You may be curious about how we start assigning a caregiver for your loved one. This referred to as our intake process.


Typically, the first interaction between Caring Angels Home Care and a new client begins with receiving an inquiry from a family member. Often times the family asks what services we offer, what locations we service, and pricing.


If you’d like to proceed with us, we will then schedule a Needs Assessment, the first step of the intake process.

This can be conducted over the telephone, but most prefer that we meet at the Client’s home so they can meet someone from the company in person. During the Needs Assessment, the following is done:

  1. Discuss the type of care needed.
  2. Determine what the day will look like for the Caregiver, i.e., we tailor the care based on the specific needs of each client, as it varies person-to-person. For example:
    • Are there medications that need to be taken on a specific schedule?
    • Does the client need help in the shower?
    • Does the client need transportation?
    • Is the client bedridden?

    We want to understand in detail what the Caregiver will be doing; we like to get as specific as possible so the Caregiver knows what is expected of them on Day One and can provide the best care possible. We also want to avoid the family having to re-explain what is needed.

  3. We ask more about the Client’s condition and preferences so we can find the perfect caregiver for the client.
    • Does the Client have dementia? Some people with dementia make inappropriate comments. We’ll select a Caregiver that has thick skin and doesn’t take seemingly rude comments to heart.
    • What types of personality traits does the Client prefer? The Client and Caregiver will be spending a lot of time together, so we want to be sure the Client is comfortable with their Caregiver.
    • Do they prefer male vs. female?
    • Does the Client speak in another language than English?
    • If the caregiving services include meal prep, we ask if the Client has cuisine preferences.
      One of our clients requested a Filipina since she was from the Philippines, and she preferred the food of her culture. It turned out the Caregiver we assigned was from the same community in the Philippines as the Client (albeit lived there at different times), and knew some of the same people! They get along great and enjoy sharing stories.
  4. We answer all the questions the client and/or family members have. Some typical questions include the following:
    • What training do our Caregivers receive?
    • What are their qualifications and experience?
    • Can you tell us more about Caring Angels Home Care, LLC?
    • Who do they contact and when are you available? We provide the contact information for The Client Care Coordinator and the Manager. We are available 24×7.


While we are at the home, we conduct a safety assessment. For example, a client recently discharged from the hospital, we make sure the home is safe before their arrival.

  • No loose rugs to slip or trip on
  • Is there any furniture that needs moving?
  • Is proper equipment in place, e.g., for Client to go to toilet and to shower? If they need a shower chair, we can provide. Is hand railing needed? We strongly recommend its instillation. If the Client needs assistance, we can recommend companies that can install the railings right away.


The Caring Angels Home Care team then reviews the findings from the Needs Assessment and evaluates against our pool of qualified Caregivers. For example: if the Client…

  • Is bedridden, we will identify a Caregiver that has experience maneuvering someone who is bedridden.
  • has dementia, we will identify a Caregiver that is trained and experienced in working with someone with dementia.
  • is particularly tall or heavy, we’ll be sure the assigned Caregiver is strong enough to assist the Client.

The team uses their best judgment of which individual will would work for the Client based on their needs, personality, and other traits.

If the Client and/or their family has requested to interview the candidate before assignment, we will then do so. We want to be sure the Client is comfortable with the assigned Caregiver.

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As a Client Care Coordinator, Jason Montague performs needs assessments for Caring Angels Home Care, LLC. He really enjoys meeting new people and families and seeing many areas of Los Angeles and Orange County. Jason has even met some post-WW II celebrities through his work.



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