Understanding the Importance of National Stroke Awareness Month

Albert 05/02/24
stroke awareness month

May is not only a month of blooming flowers and warmer weather but also a time to raise awareness about a critical health issue that affects millions of lives across the United States: strokes. National Stroke Awareness Month serves as a vital reminder of the importance of recognizing the signs of stroke, seeking prompt medical…

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Meet Our Caregiver: Ina

Albert 04/23/24
Meet our caregiver: Ina

Hello my name is Ina and I’m a caregiver here at Caring Angels Home Care in Palos Verdes. Working with Caring Angels makes you feel at home. They are very welcoming and treat you like family here. Most people ask me why I’ve transitioned into working as a caregiver. While working as a caregiver it…

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Up to $30,000 in Free Caregiving Services

Albert 04/04/24
caring angels up to $30k free services

You May be Eligible for Up to $30,000 in Free Caregiving Services Are you considering switching caregivers? Switch to Caring Angels Home Care. We provide compassionate in-home care with up to $30,000 in free caregiving services. In the heart of Southern California lies a beacon of compassion and care: Caring Angels Home Care. Dedicated to…

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Meet Our Caregiver: Bryce

Albert 03/19/24
meet our caregivers: Bryce

Hi my name is Bryce, and I’m from Ghana. I work with Caring Angels as a caregiver. What I like about being a caregiver is the love for the job. I feel happy whenever I’m able to help a client, especially fathers and mothers. I’m a Christian, so I believe that we have to show…

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Meet Our Caregiver: Noel

Albert 03/01/24
Meet our caregiver: Noel

Hello, I’m Noel from the Philippines. I speak Tagalog and I am a caregiver for Caring Angels Home Care. I service a couple here in Palos Verdes. I like being a caregiver because it’s a very sensitive and emotional task for me. Being a caregiver gives me satisfaction that I’m able to be of help…

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Caregiver of the Year!

Albert 02/05/24
sunday tori caregiver of the year

Caring Angels Home Care, LLC is proud to announce our Caregiver of the Year: Tori Sunday! We congratulate you for winning the best caregiver of the year award. We notice everything you do. You never complain, You are always available, never been late and never been absent. You are very professional, and we love everything…

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Home Care Staffing Process Video

Albert 01/22/24
staffing caring angels

Caregiver selection is critically important for the Client to be happy and have needs met. Caring Angels Home Care staff reviews the findings from the needs assessment to carefully evaluate against our pool of qualified caregivers. They then select a caregiver that they feel would best meet the needs, personality and other traits of this…

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Tips for Family Caregivers

Albert 01/08/24
family caregiver and elderly having a conversation

Empowering Family Caregivers: Essential Tips and Support Strategies Caring for an aging loved one is a journey that comes with its unique challenges and rewards. As family caregivers, you play a vital role in ensuring the well-being of your senior family members. This article offers practical tips for family caregivers, designed to help you navigate…

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Working with Caring Angels for In-Home Care: How Our Intake Process Works

Albert 12/06/23
in home caregiver interviewing elderly man

Is this your first time working with an in-home caregiver agency, or your first time working with Caring Angels Home Care? You may be curious about how we start assigning a caregiver for your loved one. This referred to as our intake process. INQUIRY RECEIVED Typically, the first interaction between Caring Angels Home Care and…

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