Transportation/Doctor Visit

doctor visitYou take your elderly loved ones wherever they want to go.
To the store. To the doctors. To the park.
That said, you can’t always be there.
Between your life, your job, and the rest of your responsibilities, there’s just no way for you to always be on call to take your elderly loved ones where they want to go.
Moreover, they might not want to go to places that they have to go.
Driving could be challenging, painful, or, depending on their condition, downright impossible. Taking a rideshare or some other form of transportation might not be a viable option, either.
Caring Angels can make sure that your loved one gets to where they’re supposed to go, safely and on time.

Safe Transportation from the Beginning to the End

We understand that when it comes to a senior’s transportation, every precaution must be taken. For example, just driving a vehicle to their property, honking the horn, and opening the door often isn’t enough.
They might need to get help coming down the stairs, with their belongings, and so much more. Our drivers are more than just drivers; they’re trained caregivers. So, they can ensure that your loved ones get the care and help they need to get to where they have to go.

Doctors’ Visits

Going to the doctor is important for any number of reasons. Our transportation pros can make sure that your loved ones get there safe and sound.
A doctor’s visit can end in any number of ways. Our professionals can ensure that you know exactly what’s going on at all times. Help in and out of the car, up the stairs, into the office, and more – the next best thing to being there yourself is to have our caregivers on the job.

Taking Your Loved Ones Where They Need to Go

Doctors’ visits are important, of course, but there are so many other places that your loved one might want to go.
Being able to get out, to move around, and go where they’d like, can do wonders for a senior’s self-esteem and quality of life.
So, when your loved ones want to go to the store, the mall, out to get new clothes, to pick up furniture, we can be there.
We can also help with more important trips, too, such as going to the pharmacy and picking up what they need, or going to the dry cleaner.
If you’d like, we can also make sure that your loved one’s car is washed and properly maintained, too. The above are just some of the transportation services that we can assist with. For more: (310)-880-1931.

A Name You Can Trust

Whether you need assistance for short-term recovery or long-term care, hourly and live-in rates are available. Please contact us today to set up your FREE Assessment!

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