What are the Options for Senior Care in Los Angeles?

senior care in Los Angeles

You may need senior care in Los Angeles if a parent or other relative is unable to live on their own anymore and needs assistance. This may mean having help in the home or in a facility. In most cases, seniors would prefer to stay in their own house and that’s when Caring Angels Home Care comes in. We offer a diverse selection of services for seniors, taking some of the stress and worry off of your shoulders as the relative in charge of their care. Here are some of the options you have.


One of the biggest hurdles that seniors face is that they are lonely. This is especially true for those living alone. We can provide companionship services that give the senior in your life someone to spend time with. This can be in the home or for outings. We can provide transportation for these outings, which may include shopping, running errands or recreational activities. The sessions can be as frequent as required. Preventing loneliness improves quality of life and can even lengthen the number of years a person lives.

Medication Management

Another option for senior care in Los Angeles is medication management. Many seniors forget or don’t think they need medication. We can help ensure that it’s taken on time and that no doses or pills are skipped. In addition to keeping doses organized, we can also provide reminders for seniors who tend to forget that they need to take their meds. This can be done daily or on a weekly basis, as needed.

Meal Planning and Food Preparation

As people age, their nutritional needs change, but they also might need help preparing the foods they’re supposed to be eating. We can do both. Our trained staff can assist with meal plans that are best for a senior’s needs and can help prepare and serve the food for those who need that assistance. This ensures that your parent or relative is eating in a healthy way, especially for those who have other health conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease. We can also help with food shopping and transportation to the grocery store and back.

Safety and Respite

Keeping seniors safe is a big job, as they become more forgetful and may not remember to lock doors and turn off the stove. They’re also at a higher risk of falling down. We can provide safety checks in the home and caregivers can be present for those who need round the clock care. We also offer respite services for you when you need a break from being the main caregiver and one who is being vigilant about safety. We can do a full home safety inspection and even offer live in services if they are necessary to keep your parent or relative safe in their home.
When you need senior care in Los Angeles, you need Caring Angels Home Care. Call us today for a free assessment to determine what the senior in your life needs the most.